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5 Ways PVC Wall Panels for Garage Can Make Your Better

Are you in need of an upgrade to PVC wall panels for garage? Do you want to give it an […]

Are you in need of an upgrade to PVC wall panels for garage? Do you want to give it an entirely new look? PVC wall panels may be the solution to all of your problems!

These durable, sturdy, and weather-resistant panels come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs that are sure to fit in with any decor style or aesthetic.

Also, they are incredibly easy to clean and maintain and have great soundproofing properties! If you’re not sure whether they’re right for you or your garage, read on to learn more about what they have to offer!

However, few options compare to the functionality and ease of installation of PVC wall panels for garage, which can be installed in under an hour! Here’s everything you need to know about this stylish and affordable option for your garage!

5 Ways PVC Wall Panels for Garage Can Make Your Better

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Reason 1: Looks great

A garage is just like any other room in your home. It should not only serve its purpose, but it should also look good doing it. PVC panels come in a variety of styles and colors that allow you to get exactly what you want to match your style and home’s exterior design.

For example, they offer wood grain-style panels with UV inhibitors, so they’ll still look great even after being exposed to sunlight for months on end.

Reason 2: Increases value

Remodeling your garage with high-quality wall panels can actually help increase your home’s value if you ever decide to sell. If you have used your garage for storage and never use it as an actual garage, it may not have as much appeal when you are selling.

Installing new paneling, paint, lighting, and even some nice cabinetry will go a long way toward making your home more desirable to buyers. So when it comes time to sell that old house, don’t forget about those dingy old accent walls in the garage get them fixed up today!

Reason 3: Durable and easy to clean

The beauty of using PVC wall panels for the garage is that it’s completely recyclable. It won’t get moldy because it has no pores. You can even clean them with just water and soap!

As compared to other alternatives, PVC is also very light, which makes it easy to install and doesn’t take up much space. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any noise while you’re trying to sleep at night!

Reason 4: Keeps organized

Owning a garage means owning lots of things. There are plenty of ways to keep track of these things, but it’s important to keep them organized for easier access and retrieval.

By opting for garage storage systems like wall paneling and shelving that let you store your items safely and neatly, you won’t have to waste time digging through piles looking for what you need.

This is especially helpful if you share your garage with other members of your household (i.e., if there’s more than one driver) since family members can each take responsibility for organizing their stuff independently and knowing where everything is kept should someone else need to access or borrow something on short notice. With proper storage solutions, everybody wins!

Reason 5: Waterproof and rot proof

These waterproof garage wall panels are made out of high-density polyvinyl chloride and do not absorb water. It can even withstand harsh weather conditions including snow, rain, humidity, sun, etc.

A PVC garage door can be used in any kind of environment without facing any problems. The only thing which is to be taken care of is that these doors should not come into contact with oils or fuels as they may damage them permanently. The surface will wear off over time but it does not affect their durability at all.

8 Tips For Installing PVC Wall Panels In Your Garage

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Remodeling can be very stressful, especially if you’re planning to do it on your own, or if you’re not all that handy around the house.

Luckily, PVC wall panels for garages are an excellent choice for remodeling and are easier to install than most people think! If you want to make the most of your garage without having to work too hard, here are 8 tips for installing PVC wall panels for the garage in your garage that will make the process easy and enjoyable.

Materials and tools you need

Before you start installing your wall panels, make sure you have all of your materials and tools. It is important to use high-quality hardware because it will last longer and be more secure. You may also want to rent a screw gun from a local tool rental company if you don’t have one at home.

Step 1: Measure the surface area

You’ll need to know how much space you have available to work with to figure out how many pvc wall panels for the garage you’ll need. Take an inventory of your existing garage walls and count up every wall, door, and surface area that you’re looking to cover. You can then calculate how many pieces of PVC wall paneling for the garage will be needed.

Step 2: Cut your pieces to length

If you’re cutting all your pieces to length on-site, be sure to lay out your panels in order on a flat surface before proceeding.

Don’t cut anything until you have each piece laid out in front of you with some space between them. This is easier said than done! You will probably have some small scrap pieces at first, but if things don’t go as planned, use them for practice.

Step 3: Prepare your adhesive

Clean and dry your garage walls, removing any loose or flaking paint. Tape off windows and doorways to protect against overspray. If necessary, use a putty knife to remove staples and nails that are in your way as you’re attaching your panels.

Next, mix up your wall-panel adhesive per manufacturer instructions; some may need more water than others, for example.

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Step 4: Attach the bottom panel first

Lay a sheet of 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch hardboard under your workspace. This will protect your floor from nail and screw punctures, and you won’t have to worry about holes in your wall when you put up shelves. Then take one of your 2x3s and hold it against one side of the lower panel.

Step 5: Attach panel two at 90 degrees from the previous panel

Align panel two with one long edge of panel one. Start by placing panel two’s bottom cap on top of panel one’s bottom cap and secure them together with a single wood screw through each wall cap.

Step 6: Place your last panel so that it overlaps with the end of your last panel

Adjacent to that final panel, place your penultimate (next-to-last) panel so that it overlaps with an area of your penultimate panel:

Section 7: The Adhesive Method

If you’re installing PVC wall panels for the garage with an adhesive, you want to make sure that they’re spaced out adequately (about an inch or two apart). Because these sheets are so thick, they need more breathing room than if you were using screws.

They also need time to dry completely before being nailed into place. If your walls aren’t dry enough to nail in a day, leave them overnight; if they don’t look completely dry by morning, leave them another night.

If it rains while you have panels up on a wall, it can be a week or more before you can get back to work. When you do come back, ensure that all areas that got wet have fully dried out; use fans and dehumidifiers as needed.


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