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Garagesideas.com is a home website that specializes in garage design for people with real lives, real budgets, and real problems.

Garagesideas.com is the best home garage information and creative idea authority presented through article content that can be accessed via the web with real validity and can be trusted.


Our goal for setting up this website is to provide information from the ordinary to the extraordinary with a focus on thinking about DIY, remodeling, recycling, and other affordable options.

Vision and Mission


Become a superior and trusted web in the delivery of accurate and reliable information in the field of designing a home garage.


  1. Provide quality information
  2. Building the character of competent and professional human resources
  3. Build a solid, superior, and trustworthy team
  4. Presenting solutions for all visitors to solve their problems
  5. Become a profitable and prosperous business management model

Who is the team behind the article from this blog

  1. Laura Linney

Laura Linney is an editor and blogger writer at garagesideas.com, I write unique research-based content about garages I’ve studied previously, I’m here to give you aspirational and achievable ideas for your home and I work with the team to help you out of the problem.


mail: lauralinney95@gmail.com