15 Best Garage Paint Colors to Spruce Up Your Space

When it comes to renovating your garage paint colors, there are plenty of options to consider, whether you’re looking to repaint the walls or completely overhaul the flooring and fixtures.

But perhaps one of the most overlooked (and easiest) ways to enhance your garage’s appeal and functionality is by choosing the right paint color.

This can make all the difference in adding new life and style to your garage while saving you time, money, and hassle! Check out these tips on how to choose the best garage paint colors for your space.

Paint brand for garage

The good news is that there are some excellent budget-friendly paint brands out there that will make your garage look brand new without spending a fortune on a hefty price tag. We have done our research and have found the best paint color brands.

For garage paint brands, not all are created equal. While it’s tempting to just grab the paint can at the biggest discount, you’ll get much better results from the more premium brands.

Garage Paint Colors

A fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest and most transformative ways to change the look of your garage. And when it comes to choosing a garage paint color, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the purpose of your garage.

If you use it primarily for storage, a light and airy color like sage green can help make the space feel more open and inviting. Second, think about the overall aesthetic of your home and choose a color that will complement your exterior. And finally, don’t be afraid to have fun with it! After all, this is your chance to add a pop of personality to an often overlooked part of your home. Here are the 10 best paints for garage

10 Best Garage Paint Color

garage paint color ideas

1. White

Although not everyone likes white garage wall paint, in terms of house walls this color is very difficult to beat with other colors. The benefit of choosing light colors for garage walls is that they can appear lighter than dark colors.

White has neutral undertones as well, so you won’t need any additional colorants in order for your walls to pop. It’s also one of the easiest color choices on your budget.

2. Grey

Some homeowners go with a neutral grey that compliments both brown and yellow tones. This color can also make your garage look larger than it is. There are several shades of grey garage wall paint, so you have plenty of options when deciding on paint colors for your garage.

3. Blue

Blue is a great color for garage walls. Light blue works best in a smaller garage, while dark blue looks dramatic in a larger garage without compromising the impression of space. It is important to assess the level of light in your space before choosing blue garage walls.

4. Red

When garage doors were first introduced, they were painted red, which signified power and strength. Red remains a popular color today; it’s not only warm and inviting but also strengthens that I can do anything attitude you want when working in your garage.

Red is also known as strong color, meaning that once it’s out there on your red garage door or wall it will draw attention both positively and negatively from passersby.

5. Beige

If you’re thinking of painting your garage, then beige might not be high on your list of options. However, using a warm neutral like beige can really help to warm up a space and add an instant sense of coziness.

If your garage is particularly large or otherwise quite cold due to its size and shape, then going for a light hue will help create more inviting proportions.

6. Black

A favorite of custom-paint pros and goth-metal bands alike, black is a classic color that often suggests sophistication and style. The easiest way to make a space appear larger than it really is is a black garage wall that can be used as a great accent for the interior color.

It’s good for ceilings, columns, and framing around doors just don’t go any darker than midnight blue (cool) or inferno red (warm). And never use flat black; it makes everything look dingy.

7. Tan

A fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to give your garage a makeover. If you’re not sure what color to choose, tan is always a safe bet. Tan is neutral, so it will go with any other colors you have in your garage. Plus, it’s light enough to make your space feel airy and open.

8. Rust

Whether you’re aiming for a timeless look or something more trendy, rust is always a good choice. This rich, earthy hue can be used on both the exterior and interior of your garage, and it pairs well with other colors like gray, green, and brown. To add rust to your garage, consider using paint with metal flakes in it for an extra bit of texture.

9. Light Gray

Light gray is a pale gray color with the hex code #D3D3D3, an achromatic color created by adding a little black to a white base.

Is your garage feeling a little lackluster? If so, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint! A light gray hue can brighten up your space and make it feel more inviting.

10. Sage

A sage garage paint color can be the perfect way to give your space an updated look. This light green hue is versatile and can be paired with a variety of other colors. Plus, it’s a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral space.

Interior garage wall paint colors

There are a variety of paint colors that you can choose from in order to create garage interior paint for your garage. If you’re looking for a bold and eye-catching look, consider going with one of these three options:

Sage garage paint color: while sage isn’t the most common choice, it definitely has its merits! Its natural qualities make it great for rooms with dark flooring and ceiling beams or brick walls. It is easy on the eyes too which means that you can easily come home after work without straining your eyes!

The downside though is that it might not always be effective in brightening up space since the color is usually darker than light yellows or soft blues.

Best paint colors for garage

When it comes to painting garage ideas, you want a color that will make your workspace feel lively and fun without being too flashy.

With just a few tips, you can find a color scheme that works for your garage and keep it looking fresh for years. Read on for advice on choosing colors and how to set up shop in style.

Garage cabinet paint colors

Painting your garage cabinets can give your garage a fresh, new look. Not only will it make your storage spaces feel more organized, but you’ll have a blank canvas on which to play around with color.

What color should you choose? That depends on what you hope to achieve by painting them are you looking for something bold and bright or do you want something that fades into the background? It also depends on what kind of overall style and vibe you’re going for with your space.

garage wall paint ideas

Garage Paint Colors: How to Choose the Perfect Shade for Your Garage

When you’re thinking about painting your garage, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the thought of choosing the perfect color scheme.

Garage paint colors are very versatile, and finding the right one can take some time and effort, but it’s important to take the process seriously so that you can enjoy your newly painted space for years to come. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect garage paint colors for your space!

garage interior colors

Choosing a color scheme

When it comes to your garage, there are a few different things you need to think about when choosing a color scheme. Do you have any vehicles in your garage? If so, then perhaps a color that complements their paint is best. For example, if your car has red paint, then it might be best if you choose green or blue as your wall colors.

If not, then maybe bold hues or earth tones would be best. Or go with something that’s completely different and unique! Once you’ve made up your mind on what kind of hues or tones you want, head over to PPG Architectural Finishes’ website where they have an abundance of resources regarding their paints and how each color will complement a specific area.

garage colors interior

Choosing a single color

To choose a single color, you’ll need to visualize your space in black and white or grayscale. You can do so using your imagination or with actual pictures of your garage.

Try closing your eyes and visualizing each wall as gray. Once you have a clear picture in mind, consider painting all of the walls one solid color.

This simple act will brighten up an otherwise monochromatic room; it also makes it easier to decorate and put accessories on display around your garage.

Gray and black – match with white

If you’re having gray or black walls in your home, be sure you add some white elements that will mix in with your garage color. This will give your garage a cohesive look when incorporated into other areas of your home.

Gray and black are both neutral colors and work well together in an easy-to-match combination, so don’t be afraid to use them together.

white garage wall paint

Shades of blue – match with black

Dark colors like black tend to make your garage appear smaller. If you’re drawn toward blue paint, try a light or medium shade of blue that pairs well with black.

For a softer look, go with a white or cream-colored wall that also contrasts nicely with more saturated colors in your home’s interior décor. Do keep in mind that any color may have an effect on how much natural light you can get into your garage.

Brown and yellow – match with orange

Brown and yellow paint colors are naturally associated with fall and can help you create a cozy garage that feels inviting. Yellow is also one of many colors associated with happiness, so you may find yourself spending more time in your garage if it has a sunny yellow door!

You could pair it with orange trim or wall art, though be careful not to choose an orange paint color that’s too bright. It should match similarly with your door so they both feel warm and welcoming.

Red, orange, green, purple – go all out

Choosing garage paint colors is no easy task. You’ve got thousands of shades to choose from and even more possible combinations, but sometimes having all of those options makes it harder rather than easier. With so many choices, it can be hard to make a decision.

Interior garage paint colors

When picking garage paint colors, it’s important to make sure you consider a few things. Firstly, what time of day is it most often used? Light colors are best if you use your garage mainly during daylight hours.

If you plan on working on cars late at night, darker shades will help prevent glare from street lights or bright spots of sunlight coming through windows in nearby houses.

Next, think about what kind of space you want your garage to be; does it need more of a workshop feel with lots of large tools and bulky items stored away, or do you just want an organized place for your everyday car and bike? Having a more defined vision for your space can help lead to better decision-making when selecting paints and decor.

Garage paint colors ideas

When it comes to garages, your options are fairly limited. The number of shades that work well in a garage is far less than those suitable for other rooms in your home.

If you’re looking at painting your garage, check out these garage paint ideas. But before you start painting, take some time to consider what kind of aesthetic you want to create and how that will tie into your larger home design plans.

Garage wall paint color recommendations

Because garages tend to get little natural light, you’ll probably want to stick with bolder paint colors. Not only do these hues stand out, but they also make it easier for you to notice items on your floor.

No more tripping over tools and lugging around rakes in near-darkness! When choosing garage wall paint colors, try thinking outside of the box (yes, pun intended) by adding a trendy color to your space.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, go with an ombre wall! The bottom third of your garage is an ideal place to test out different trends without going overboard.

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