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Benjamin Moore Garage Paint Colors: The Best 25 Choices

I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of garage painting projects, using a wide range of Benjamin […]

I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of garage painting projects, using a wide range of Benjamin Moore paint colors.

I have seen firsthand what colors look best in different types of garages, and I have also learned a lot about the durability and performance of different Benjamin Moore paints.

In this article, I will share my personal experience with Benjamin Moore garage paint colors, and I will offer some tips for choosing the perfect color for garage.

What to Consider When Choosing a Garage Paint Color

Before we venture into the world of Benjamin Moore garage paint colors, it’s crucial to understand the key considerations that should steer your decision-making process.

I’ve learned from my own projects that taking these factors into account is essential to achieving the desired outcome for your garage:

  1. Lighting: Garage lighting varies greatly. From natural sunlight to overhead fixtures, the type and amount of light in your garage influence the choice of paint color. It’s crucial to recognize that well-lit spaces can accommodate darker colors, while dimly lit garages benefit from lighter hues to enhance visibility.
  2. Functionality: The primary purpose of your garage guides the selection of paint colors. For a workshop, you’ll want a color that fosters focus and productivity, while storage spaces benefit from colors that promote organization and ease of use.
  3. Personal Style: Just as in the rest of your home, your garage is an extension of your personality and preferences. The paint color you choose should resonate with your unique style and seamlessly complement your overall home decor.
  4. Climate: Consider your local climate. In regions with extreme temperatures, certain paint colors and types perform better in terms of durability and longevity, an aspect I’ve discovered through years of experience.

Popular Benjamin Moore Garage Paint Colors:

benjamin moore garage wall paint

Benjamin Moore, a trusted name in the world of paints, has gained a well-deserved reputation for providing a wide array of garage paint colors that have consistently maintained their popularity over the years.

These choices have not only withstood the test of time but have also continued to be favored for their adaptability and timeless appeal. Let’s take a closer look at these Benjamin Moore garage paint colors:

Neutral Garage Paint Colors

neutra garage paint colors

Muslin OC-12

Muslin OC-12 is a versatile and neutral garage paint color that exudes classic elegance. This light beige shade serves as a pristine canvas for a multitude of garage styles.

Its neutrality allows it to effortlessly blend with various interior design aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for any type of garage.

Whether your garage serves as a workshop, storage space, or an extension of your home, Muslin OC-12 offers a clean and stylish backdrop.

Classic Gray OC-23

True to its name, Classic Gray OC-23 lives up to its reputation as a timeless and enduring choice for garage paint.

This soft gray hue has the remarkable ability to create an illusion of a spacious and well-lit garage, making it a perfect option for spaces with limited natural light.

Classic Gray seamlessly complements a wide range of color schemes and décor styles, delivering a sense of timeless elegance that suits a variety of garage purposes.

Balboa Mist OC-27

Balboa Mist OC-27 is a warm and inviting gray with muted undertones that bring a touch of sophistication to your garage.

This shade adds an understated elegance that can elevate the overall ambiance of your garage space.

What sets Balboa Mist OC-27 apart is its adaptability it harmonizes beautifully with a diverse range of interior design styles. Whether you’re striving for a modern, traditional, or eclectic garage design, Balboa Mist OC-27 effortlessly integrates with your vision.

Blue Garage Paint Colors

blue garage paint colors

When it comes to choosing a blue paint color for garage, Benjamin Moore offers a range of captivating options that can bring a fresh and calming ambiance to this versatile space.

Here are some notable blue garage paint colors that you might consider for your next project:

Woodlawn Blue HC-147

If you’re looking to infuse a coastal or rustic vibe into your garage, Woodlawn Blue HC-147 is an excellent choice.

This serene blue paint color is reminiscent of the tranquil waters of the seaside. It creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect fit for homeowners who desire a sense of tranquility in their garage space.

What’s impressive about Woodlawn Blue is its versatility – it pairs well with both traditional and modern garage designs, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a timeless yet refreshing look.

Baltic Sea CSP-680

For those who prefer a bolder and more sophisticated appearance in their garage, Baltic Sea CSP-680 is an excellent option.

This deep and intense blue hue is perfect for creating a dramatic and refined ambiance. It particularly shines in modern or industrial-style garages, where it adds depth and character to the space.

Baltic Sea’s rich and moody undertones make it a captivating choice for homeowners who want to make a bold design statement in their garage.

Deep Sea Green 735

Deep Sea Green 735 is a unique and captivating paint color that combines the richness of green with the depth of blue.

This intriguing hue brings a sense of mystery and sophistication to your garage design. The color exudes a captivating charm that can add a touch of drama and intrigue to your garage space.

Whether you’re aiming to create a space for artistic pursuits or simply want to elevate the ambiance of your garage, Deep Sea Green offers a fresh and distinctive option.

Green Garage Paint Colors

green garage paint colors

Green garage paint colors offer a refreshing and nature-inspired palette to transform your garage into a soothing and inviting space. Benjamin Moore provides a selection of green hues that cater to a range of tastes and design preferences.

Let’s explore three standout options that can elevate the ambiance of your garage:

Hawthorne Green 379

If you’re looking to infuse your garage with the calming essence of nature, Hawthorne Green 379 is an ideal choice.

This deep green hue brings the outdoors indoors, creating an oasis of tranquility within your garage. Its rich and earthy undertones resonate with a sense of serenity, making it a perfect fit for homeowners who wish to craft a rustic and calming atmosphere.

Hawthorne Green harmonizes beautifully with earthy tones and natural materials, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a garage that feels like a peaceful retreat within their home.

Limelight 2025-40

Limelight 2025-40 is a vibrant and dynamic green that injects a pop of color and energy into your garage.

This lively shade is perfect for those looking to create a lively and creative atmosphere in their workspace or hobby area.

Limelight’s bold and invigorating character makes it a great choice for homeowners who want to infuse their garage with an electrifying energy.

This dynamic green can also be strategically used to create accent walls or highlight specific garage features, adding a touch of drama and excitement to the space.

Light Daffodil 2027-60

If you prefer a softer and more subtle green, Light Daffodil 2027-60 offers a perfect solution. This pale yellow-green paint color brings a calming and uplifting ambiance to your garage.

It evokes a soothing atmosphere that makes it an excellent choice for those aiming to create a serene and welcoming garage space.

Light Daffodil’s gentle and cheerful personality can help transform your garage into a bright and inviting area where you can feel at ease and inspired.

Other Garage Paint Colors

yellow garage paint colors

When it comes to garage paint colors, Benjamin Moore offers a variety of vibrant and bold options that can bring personality and character to your garage.

These colors provide a unique opportunity to infuse energy and style into your space, making your garage a standout area within your home. Let’s explore three standout options:

Yellow: Cotton Tail 2155-70

Yellow is known for its ability to brighten up any space, and Cotton Tail 2155-70 is no exception. This pale yellow shade is perfect for creating a garage that feels welcoming and cheerful.

It infuses your garage with a sense of warmth and positivity, making it an excellent choice if you want your garage to exude a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you’re using your garage as a workspace, storage area, or a place for hobbies, Cotton Tail will make it feel more like a sunny and lively extension of your home.

Red: Candy Cane Red 2079-10

For those who want to make a bold and energetic statement with their garage, Candy Cane Red 2079-10 is the perfect choice.

This bright and vibrant red paint color adds a touch of vibrancy and enthusiasm to your garage, instantly turning it into a space that demands attention.

Candy Cane Red can make your garage a statement area, perfect for homeowners who want to create an environment that reflects their bold and dynamic personality.

This color is especially well-suited for those looking to create a high-energy workspace or a fun, interactive space in their garage.

Brown: Whitall Brown HC-69

If you prefer a more classic and earthy look for your garage, Whitall Brown HC-69 is an excellent choice.

This rich brown paint color imparts warmth and a touch of rustic charm to your garage. It creates a cozy and inviting environment, making it a top pick for those who seek a more traditional or rustic garage style.

Whitall Brown adds character and depth to the space, turning your garage into a comfortable and down-to-earth extension of your home.

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Benjamin Moore’s extensive range of garage paint colors provides a diverse palette of possibilities, ensuring that you’ll discover the perfect shade to fulfill your unique vision and requirements.

When choosing a garage paint color, remember to consider factors such as lighting, garage function, personal style, and local climate to ensure a successful transformation.

Benjamin Moore’s high-quality paint products are built to withstand the test of time, providing a beautiful and long-lasting finish for your garage.

Whether you aspire to create a calming oasis, a vibrant workspace, or a cozy retreat, Benjamin Moore garage paint colors offer an array of shades to fulfill your garage makeover aspirations in 2023.


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