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Garage Door Cable Broke on One Side: What to Do

As someone who understands the ins and outs of garage door systems, I can’t stress enough how essential they are […]

As someone who understands the ins and outs of garage door systems, I can’t stress enough how essential they are for your home’s security and functionality.

Among the intricate components that work together to make your garage door function smoothly, the unsung heroes are garage door cables.

These unassuming yet vital elements are responsible for the graceful movement of your garage door as it opens and closes. I know from experience that when a garage door cable snaps on one side, it sets off a chain of complications that require immediate attention and the expertise of a professional.

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Causes of Broken Garage Door Cables

garage door cable broke on one side

Having dealt with garage door cables firsthand, I’m well aware of the stress and strain they endure over time. There are several factors that can contribute to their eventual breakdown:

  • Wear and Tear: Years of consistent usage take their toll on garage door cables. The repeated cycles of opening and closing, coupled with exposure to changing weather conditions, gradually weaken the cables, making them susceptible to snapping.
  • Rust: Moisture and humidity are relentless adversaries to metal components, and garage door cables are no exception. Rust slowly corrodes the cables, compromising their structural integrity and increasing the risk of snapping.
  • Improper Installation: I’ve learned that proper installation is paramount. Inadequate installation creates unnecessary stress and tension on garage door cables, accelerating their wear and ultimately leading to premature failure.

Safety Risks of Broken Garage Door Cables

safety risks of broken garage door cables

As someone who values safety above all else, I understand that a broken garage door cable brings more than just inconvenience. This situation poses significant safety risks:

  • Risk of Injury: The sudden collapse of a garage door due to a snapped cable can lead to severe injuries for anyone nearby. With the weight of the door being substantial, an unexpected fall could result in crushed limbs or worse.
  • Impaired Operation: I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges of attempting to operate a garage door with a broken cable. It becomes an arduous task, if not impossible, to smoothly open or close the door, disrupting the regular usage of your garage.

What to Do If Your Garage Door Cable Breaks

Having faced a broken garage door cable myself, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of following these steps:

  • Avoid Operation: Refrain from trying to operate the garage door. Continuing to use it in this state can worsen the problem and potentially cause further damage.
  • Clear the Area: Ensure there are no vehicles, personal belongings, or people near the garage door. This precaution reduces the risk of injury or property damage if the door were to unexpectedly give way.
  • Professional Assistance: My experience has taught me that immediate professional help is crucial. Attempting a DIY repair in this situation is risky, as it demands specialized knowledge, tools, and expertise to effectively address the issue.

Repair or Replace?

garage door cable repair

When you’re in a situation like this, the decision to repair or replace a broken garage door cable isn’t always straightforward. Drawing from my own experiences, here are some factors that play a key role in making this choice:

  • The extent of Damage: The severity of the cable’s breakage is a critical factor in determining whether a repair is feasible or if replacement is the safer option. In many cases, severely damaged cables may necessitate replacement to ensure both safety and optimal functionality.
  • Cost Considerations: I understand the importance of being financially prudent. The costs associated with repair or replacement can vary depending on factors like the cable type, the extent of damage, and your location. Seeking advice from a seasoned professional can provide you with valuable insights into the potential financial implications.

Cost of Repair or Replacement

cost of replacing a garage door cable

From my own experiences, I’ve learned that the financial investment involved in repairing or replacing a garage door cable isn’t set in stone. Several key factors come into play:

  • Type of Cable: Different types of garage door cables exist, each with its unique complexity and cost. Knowing the specifics can help you better understand the financial aspect of the repair or replacement.
  • Extent of Damage: How severely the cable is damaged directly impacts the necessary repairs and associated costs. This is a crucial consideration when making your decision.
  • Geographical Location: My personal journey has shown me that prices for garage door repair services can vary based on where you live. Factors like regional market trends and labor costs can influence the overall expense.
  • Average cost: The average cost of repairing a garage door cable is between $150 and $350. The average cost of replacing a garage door cable is between $250 and $500.


While I always advocate for professional intervention, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the situation on your own:

  • Check Cable Tension: I’ve found that inspecting the tension of the remaining cables can give you insights into the overall health of your garage door system. If you lack the expertise, it’s wise to avoid attempting any adjustments yourself.
  • Inspect for Damage: Drawing from my own experiences, regularly examining the remaining cables for signs of wear, fraying, or damage can help you catch potential issues early. This proactive approach can prevent future breakdowns.
  • Cable Maintenance: Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your garage door cables. Regular cleaning and lubrication can improve their performance over time. I urge caution: always consult the manufacturer’s recommendations before applying any products.


As someone who has navigated the challenges of a broken garage door cable, I can attest that this situation requires swift and informed action.

The safety risks involved underscore the importance of entrusting the repair or replacement to skilled professionals. Addressing the issue promptly ensures the continued smooth operation of your garage door, while prioritizing the safety of your loved ones and possessions.

I’ve learned that consistent maintenance, proper installation, and expert assistance form the foundation of a dependable and functional garage door system one that you can rely on for years to come.


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