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The Top 20 Outdoor Garage Lighting Options

When it comes to outdoor garage lighting, there are a lot of options available to you. But which ones should […]

When it comes to outdoor garage lighting, there are a lot of options available to you. But which ones should you choose? How do you know which lights will be the perfect fit for your garage? And how can you ensure that the light is suitably efficient for use in the garage?

To answer these questions and more, read on! In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the 20 best outdoor garage lighting options and explain what you need to consider when purchasing them.

We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the right light for your garage, as well as advice on how to make sure that the light is optimally suited for garage use.

So skip the hassle of searching for the right lights and read on to learn all about the best outdoor garage lighting options!

20 Best Outdoor Garage Lighting

If you’re looking for outdoor garage lighting that’s both energy-efficient and long-lasting, LED lights are a great option. So, if you’re in the market for outdoor garage lighting ideas, be sure to check out the top 20 outdoor garage lighting options listed below!

outdoor garage lighting options

1) Vianis 2 pack motion sensor outdoor lights

If you’re looking for an outdoor light that’s both sleek and functional, the Vianis 1-pack motion sensor lights are a great option. They include a timer that will turn off the light after a set period of time, perfect if you have late-night visitors!

The white light is gentle enough to keep your car in good condition but bright enough to see clearly at night. And with a 12-month warranty, there’s no need to worry about anything going wrong.

2) Outdoor porch light with outlet

If you’re looking for a porch light that will add light to your outdoor space and also make it easy to get around, consider getting an outdoor porch light with an outlet.

These lights are easy to install and come in different shapes and sizes – perfect for any home! Plus, they can be used as nightlights if you have kids in the house.

If you live in an area that gets particularly dark at night, then an outdoor porch light with an outlet is the perfect option for you.

3) Claoner solar lights outdoor

If you’re looking for a light that you can use both indoors and outdoors, Claoner solar lights outdoors are perfect for you! They use a low-voltage system that won’t harm your car or appliances, and there are no wires to cut down on visibility.

You can also adjust the brightness of these lights as needed, making them great security lights too! What’s more, they come in various color options to suit any exterior decoration. So if the light is what you’re after – look no further than Claoner solar lights outdoor.

4) 2 pack canyon outdoor wall light fixtures

Looking for a light fixture that will add an accent to your outdoor space? Check out our selection of 2 pack canyon outdoor wall light fixtures!

These fixtures come with a built-in sensor that adjusts the light output automatically, making it perfect for lighting up your backyard or driveway.

You can also choose between two different light fixture types – floodlight and spot. Choose the one that best suits your needs by considering the size of your garage and the type of lighting you want to achieve. Installation is easy – just put it in place and plug it in!

5) Outdoor wall lantern, exterior waterproof wall sconce light fixture

Outdoor wall lanterns are the perfect way to light up your outdoor space year-round. Whether you’re looking for a sconce light fixture to illuminate your driveway or patio area, or an exterior lighting system that can brighten up your garden, these fixtures have you covered.

Besides being weatherproof and compatible with any decor style, LED lanterns tend to last longer than incandescent options making them the clear choice in terms of sustainability.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some outdoor wall lanterns today!

6) Torchstar led barn light

When it comes to light fixtures for your garage or driveway, Torchstar led barn lights are a great option. Not only do they come with a motion sensor that turns the light off when you leave, but their adjustable beam makes sure everything is perfectly illuminated.

Plus, the low voltage usage means this fixture will last long and be less expensive to operate in the long run.

7) 2-pack dusk to dawn outdoor wall lights

Adding some extra light while working in the garage is a great way to save time and hassle. With dusk to dawn outdoor wall lights, you can do just that without having to spend hours installing fixtures manually.

These lights come with remote control for easy operation, making it easier than ever for you to get the lighting exactly how you want it. Additionally, they are made out of durable materials that will last long even under harsh weather conditions.

8) Motion sensor outdoor light

If you’re looking for an outdoor light that is both stylish and energy-efficient, a motion sensor outdoor light is perfect for you! There are many different colors and styles to choose from, as well as features like timers, automatic shut-off, and more.

Plus, it’s easy to install – just screw it onto the wall! So whether your needs are lighting up a porch or patio at night or just adding some illumination during daylight hours when there’s no need for floods of light, a motion sensor outdoor light will be perfect.

9) Cinoton dusk to dawn outdoor wall sconce

Looking for a wall sconce that can light up your outdoor space? Look no further than the Clinton dusk to dawn outdoor wall sconce! This fixture is perfect for adding some extra warmth and atmosphere to your garage or patio.

With its weather-resistant finish, it’s also suitable for use indoors. Plus, the matching chain ensures that it can be easily hung up. The built-in dimmer allows you to adjust the light intensity as needed – making it perfect for any conditions.

10) Motion sensor outdoor led porch wall light fixtures dusk

If you’re in the market for outdoor lighting that is both elegant and energy-efficient, look no further than this fixture!

They come in a variety of stylish colors and can be activated by motion – meaning you won’t have to bother with turning them on or off manually.

Plus, they are perfect for areas that get plenty of light during the day but don’t need much illumination at night.

11) Mirrea modern outdoor porch light patio light in 2 lights

When it comes to outdoor porch lighting, Mirrea lights always come to the forefront. This is because they are designed with a focus on versatility and easy installation- two things that are very important when it comes to patio lighting.

Moreover, these lights not only look great but are also energy-efficient and relatively affordable. So whether you’re looking for something simple yet elegant or something more elaborate and intricate, Mirrea has got you covered!

12) Amico 3 head led security lights

If you’re looking for a light that will make your garage look neat and tidy, then the Amico 3-head led security lights are perfect for you. These lights use three bright LEDs to provide an excellent light view even on the darkest of nights.

Additionally, they can be set up easily without any need for wiring – making them ideal for people with DIY skills. Furthermore, their bright light is sure to reassure those who want extra security in their garage at all times.

13) Torchstar led barn light, dusk to dawn area lights with photocell

Torchstar led barn light is a great option for lighting up your garage or outdoor area. It has an IP65 rating, making it weather-proof and perfect for all types of weather conditions.

With the dusk to dawn photocell, the light automatically switches off at night so you can get some peace and quiet before falling asleep. The sleek design will complement any home décor and the 6 bright LEDs will give you plenty of illumination.

14) Cloudy bay 120v outdoor wall

If you’re looking for a light that is versatile enough to be used as a security light or just to accentuate the beauty of your garage, then Cloudy Bay 120v outdoor wall light is perfect for you.

This fixture comes with motion detectors and night vision capabilities- making it ideal for keeping an eye on things in dark areas.

Plus, its sleek and modern design will complement any home décor. With an on/off switch conveniently located at the base of the fixture, lighting up your space has never been so easy!

15) Large size dusk to dawn outdoor wall lanterns

Looking for the perfect outdoor lighting fixture that will add both style and light to your patio or backyard? Look no further than dusk to dawn wall lanterns! Available in a variety of styles and sizes, these fixtures are perfect for any outdoor space.

Installation is easy – just screw it onto the wall! You can even choose from lanterns with elegant glass panes or vibrant fabric coverings. What’s not to love about large-size dusk-to-dawn outdoor wall lanterns?

16) Dusk-to-dawn outdoor wall lighting

Adding outdoor wall lighting is a great way to light up your garage or porch at night. Not only will it provide an extra level of security, but you can also use it as a hallway light or porch light.

It comes with various light settings that are perfect for different times of the day, making installation easy and hassle-free.

17) Boxcupin dusk to dawn led outdoor lighting 2 pack

Boxcupin dusk to dawn outdoor lighting is the perfect solution for those who want extra security when it comes to leaving lights on overnight. With a built-in timer and easy control via an app, you’ll never have to worry about your garage or driveway light being left on all night long.

Plus, with the dusk-to-dawn feature, you’ll always know when it’s time for your lights to turn off – no more unexpected illumination during the daytime!

These lights are also great value for money – buy two packs and enjoy peace of mind for years to come. And if something does go wrong (which is unlikely), Boxcupin provides a lifetime warranty ensuring that you’re satisfied with your purchase 100%

18) Eeru outdoor wall sconces light fixtures

Eeru outdoor wall sconces light fixtures are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your outdoor spaces.

Available in different finishes, these fixtures come with a variety of light settings that you can use to suit your needs.

They are also easy to install and control from your controller unit- making them ideal for patio lighting, garden lighting, or anything else that requires lights indoors and out.

19) Qhiuat outdoor led long strip wall light 24w modern wall

Looking for a sleek and modern light to illuminate your outdoor garage? Look no further than the Qhiuat outdoor led long strip wall light 24w.

This light is perfect for adding an elegant touch to any space, and its 10-year warranty makes it a safe investment. Plus, the bright LED bulb gives off a clear and bright light that will impress anyone who sees it. Installation is simple – just attach it using the provided screws!

20) Solar lights outdoor, 210 led 2500lm solar flood security lights

Looking for a light to illuminate large areas outdoor? Consider solar lights! They come in many different styles and designs to suit your needs. Plus, their security features make them the perfect choice for lighting up areas where there is no power supply, like an outdoor garage.

How do you choose the right light for your garage?

Outdoor garage lighting is an important fixture for anyone who owns a garage. Not only does it make the garage more accessible, but it can also help you to work in dim or dark shadows.

Before you choose a light, make sure to consider the exterior of your home and the lighting requirements for the garage. Once you have a general idea of what you need, it’s time to look for a light that has a good range and can cover both the inside and outside of the garage.

There are many different lights to choose from, so it’s important to find the right one for your needs. Make sure to read light reviews and compare prices to get the best deal on the perfect light for your garage.

outdoor garage lighting

What should be considered while purchasing garage lights?

Garage lights can be a great addition to any home, and the right light can help to improve the look and feel of a space. When shopping for garage lights, it’s important to consider a variety of factors, including the style of light, the purpose of the light, and size and wattage.

Additionally, it’s important to read reviews before making a purchase, as this will help you find the best light option for your needs. Happy lighting!

How do I choose the right outdoor garage lighting for my needs?

When it comes to choosing the right outdoor garage lighting for your needs, it’s important to try out different types of lights before settling on one. This way, you can choose the light that is perfect for your specific needs.

For example, if you will be using the space for storing vehicles, bikes, or tools, then you may want to choose a light that has a lot of light but is not too bright. On the other hand, if you will be using the space for hanging clothes or decorations, then you may want to choose a light that is less light but brighter.

Additionally, you may want to take into consideration other things like how much light you need to see what you’re doing and how long the light will last. Some of the things you may want to consider are light fixture wattage; light bulb type; fixture placement.


So, you’re thinking of lighting up your garage – but where to start? Lucky for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the best outdoor garage lighting options to consider.

From light fixtures to light bars, we’ve got you covered! In addition, if you’re still not sure which light to choose for your garage, take a look at our buyer’s guide below to get some helpful tips.

Have fun browsing and let us know what you think in the comments!


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