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Moth Wing Sherwin Williams: Timeless Paint Color (2023)

When it comes to choosing the perfect paint color for your home, the options are vast and often overwhelming. In […]

When it comes to choosing the perfect paint color for your home, the options are vast and often overwhelming.

In recent years, one color that has emerged as a popular choice among homeowners and designers is Moth Wing Sherwin Williams.

This warm medium beige with subtle gray undertones is a versatile and timeless selection that can effortlessly enhance various interior and exterior design styles.

In this Article, I’ll tell you about the gorgeous Moth Wing paint from Sherwin Williams, explore its base colors, suggest a complementary color palette, and provide insight on how to seamlessly integrate it into your home decor.

What is Moth Wing Sherwin Williams?

moth wing sherwin williams

Moth Wing (SW 9174), brought to you by Sherwin Williams, is a paint color that exudes warmth and invites tranquility into your living spaces.

Categorized within the neutral color family, it holds an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 29, rendering it adaptable for both well-lit and dimly lit rooms.

Its RGB value of 160/144/127 and hex code #A0907F encapsulate the essence of Moth Wing, showcasing a warm, medium beige appearance with a hint of gray undertones.

Moth Wing belongs to the Colormix Forecast 2019 (Wanderer) collection and is also a distinguished member of the Color ID (Dreamer) collection.

This wide-ranging presence emphasizes its adaptability, making it a top choice for those seeking a timeless and harmonious interior or exterior aesthetic.

The Undertones of Moth Wing Sherwin Williams

Understanding the undertones of a paint color is essential when selecting the right shade for your space.

Moth Wing is graced with subtle gray undertones that contribute to its neutral and inviting character.

These gray undertones enable Moth Wing to adapt seamlessly to various lighting conditions and allow it to harmonize with a diverse range of decor styles.

The presence of gray undertones makes Moth Wing an ideal choice for creating cozy and welcoming spaces.

Its neutrality acts as a canvas for easy pairing with a wide spectrum of colors, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial settings.

Is Sherwin Williams Moth Wing Suitable for garage walls?

sherwin williams moth wing for garage

Using Sherwin Williams’ Moth Wing for garage walls can be a practical and stylish choice, but whether it’s “good” depends on your specific preferences and the purpose of your garage. Here are some factors to consider:


  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Moth Wing is a warm and inviting color with gray undertones. It can make your garage look more refined and less industrial, creating a pleasant atmosphere.
  2. Versatility: Moth Wing is a neutral color that pairs well with a variety of other colors. This makes it a flexible choice for your garage, allowing you to incorporate different design elements and decorative items.
  3. Light Reflectance: With an LRV of 29, Moth Wing provides a balanced level of light reflection. This can be particularly useful if you want your garage to feel well-lit and welcoming.
  4. Resale Value: Should you decide to sell your home in the future, a nicely painted and well-maintained garage can add to the overall appeal of your property.


  1. Prone to Stains: Garages are often exposed to dirt, oil, and other stains. Light-colored paints like Moth Wing may be more susceptible to showing these blemishes.
  2. Maintenance: Keeping a light-colored paint clean in a garage can be more challenging, requiring more frequent touch-ups and cleaning.
  3. Personal Preference: The choice of paint color is highly subjective. Some individuals prefer a more utilitarian, darker color for their garage walls, which may hide stains better.
  4. Lighting: Moth Wing’s adaptability to different lighting conditions might not be a significant advantage in a garage where the primary purpose is storage or workspace.

Moth Wing Sherwin Williams can be a good choice for garage walls if you prioritize aesthetics and are willing to put in some maintenance effort.

However, your choice should ultimately align with your specific needs and preferences. If you want a garage color that can hide stains and withstand more wear and tear, you might consider darker, more stain-resistant shades.

How to Use Moth Wing Sherwin Williams in Different Rooms of Your Home

Moth Wing Sherwin Williams is an excellent choice for nearly any room in your home. Its versatility lends itself well to a variety of design styles, from the classic to the contemporary.

Here are some creative ways to employ Moth Wing Sherwin Williams in different spaces:

Living Room

In the living room, Moth Wing has the power to infuse warmth and hospitality. It pairs wonderfully with soft furnishings in earthy tones to create a cozy, rustic ambiance. Alternatively, it can be coupled with vibrant accents to achieve a more modern and eclectic look.


For a serene and restful bedroom ambiance, Moth Wing is a standout choice. Combine it with soft, neutral linens and introduce a touch of pale blue or lavender to create a soothing and tranquil space where you can unwind.


Moth Wing serves as the perfect backdrop for a clean and sophisticated kitchen appearance. It harmonizes beautifully with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and elegant marble countertops, resulting in a timeless and stylish culinary space.


In the bathroom, Moth Wing establishes a serene and spa-like atmosphere. To amplify this ambiance, combine it with pale aqua or seafoam accents, delivering a refreshing and coastal feel that transforms your bathroom into a personal oasis.


When applied to the exterior of your home, Moth Wing imparts a timeless and elegant look. This versatile color pairs gracefully with both dark and light trim colors, making it an adaptable choice for various architectural styles.

Complementary and Coordinating Colors for Moth Wing Sherwin Williams

Moth Wing Sherwin Williams is a neutral paint color that seamlessly complements a wide array of shades. Here are some suggestions for complementary and coordinating colors that pair wonderfully with Moth Wing:

  • Complementary Colors:
    • Soft Blue: Creates a balanced and serene contrast.
    • Muted Gold: Injects warmth and richness into the color scheme.
  • Coordinating Neutrals:
    • Warm Gray: Enhances the gray undertones of Moth Wing, resulting in an elegant and sophisticated look.
    • Crisp White: Provides a clean and fresh contrast that emphasizes the versatility of Moth Wing.

Popular Moth Wing Sherwin Williams Paint Color Combinations

  1. Moth Wing with Soft Gray and Navy: This combination is a recipe for sophistication and timelessness. It works seamlessly in any room, infusing an air of elegance.
  2. Moth Wing with Muted Green and Earthy Tones: This palette lends itself to a natural and harmonious atmosphere, perfect for creating a serene and inviting living space.
  3. Moth Wing with Cream and Beige: For a classic and elegant appearance, this combination reigns supreme, radiating an enduring beauty that stands the test of time.

Where to Buy Moth Wing Sherwin Williams Paint

You can conveniently acquire Moth Wing Sherwin Williams paint from Sherwin Williams stores, authorized retailers, or through the official Sherwin Williams website.

To ensure you make an informed decision, request a sample or take advantage of the online tools available to visualize how Moth Wing will transform your living space.


Moth Wing Sherwin Williams is a paint color that epitomizes versatility and timelessness. Its gray undertones provide it with neutrality, allowing it to harmonize with a variety of colors and enabling you to personalize your home decor to your heart’s content.

Whether you are aiming to revamp your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or even the exterior of your home, Moth Wing Sherwin Williams stands as an exceptional choice.

Embrace its elegance and adaptability in 2023, and witness your living spaces come alive with the welcoming warmth of Moth Wing Sherwin Williams.

Make Moth Wing Sherwin Williams an integral part of your home decor and savor the enduring beauty and versatility it brings to your living spaces.

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your home into a haven of timeless elegance with Moth Wing Sherwin Williams in 2023.


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