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How to Put Garage Door Back on Track: A Step-by-Step Guide

Garage doors, designed for durability and convenience, may encounter occasional setbacks, such as going off track, which can lead to […]

Garage doors, designed for durability and convenience, may encounter occasional setbacks, such as going off track, which can lead to inconvenience and safety concerns. This guide aims to delve into the common scenarios that may cause your garage door to malfunction and provide practical steps to rectify the issues, ensuring a safe and efficient operation.

1. Roller Popped Out

how to put garage door back on track

For Manual Doors

When confronted with a roller that has dislodged from its designated track, the initial step involves manually opening the door. Once opened, keenly identify the displaced roller and delicately guide it back into its track. Ensure a secure snap-in to guarantee optimal functionality. If the roller displays signs of damage, it’s advisable to contemplate a replacement for seamless future operation.

For Automatic Doors

In the case of automatic garage doors, a crucial safety measure is to disconnect the garage door opener. This prevents accidental activation during the troubleshooting process. Subsequently, follow the same manual door steps to reposition the roller. After completion, reconnect the opener and meticulously test the door’s movement to ensure a smooth and secure operation.

2. Wheel Off Track

For Manual Doors

In instances where the wheel has veered off the track, the process involves manually opening the door. Lift the bottom panel slightly to release tension on the spring, bearing in mind the potential force of the springs. Exercise caution during this step. Locate the off-track wheel and skillfully guide it back into the designated channel. Once realigned, secure the bottom panel to reinstate the door’s integrity.

For Automatic Doors

For automatic garage doors, initiate the troubleshooting process by disconnecting the opener. Follow the manual door steps to address the off-track wheel issue. It’s imperative to reconnect the opener afterward, ensuring the door moves without any resistance or irregularities.

This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions tailored to both manual and automatic garage doors, acknowledging the distinct procedures required for each type. By adhering to these guidelines, you can promptly and effectively resolve issues related to rollers and wheels being off track, restoring your garage door’s optimal functionality.

3. Track Misalignment

Minor Misalignment

If you observe a minor misalignment in the track, you might be able to rectify it without professional intervention. Using a pair of pliers, gently bend the track back into place. It’s crucial to exercise extreme caution during this process to prevent overbending or causing damage to the track.

Significant Misalignment

A significant misalignment is indicative of more complex issues, such as loose bolts or warped tracks. Attempting to fix substantial misalignment without the necessary expertise may exacerbate the problem. In such cases, it is highly recommended to seek the services of a professional garage door repair technician. They possess the skills and knowledge to identify and address underlying issues, ensuring the long-term stability of your garage door.

Important Safety Tips

  • Always disconnect the garage door opener before attempting any repairs.
  • Garage door springs can be hazardous; if uncomfortable handling them, consult a professional.
  • Do not manually lift the garage door if unsure about your strength or ability.

Additional Resources

For visual guidance, consider these video tutorials:

For comprehensive repair guides, visit:

Remember, safety is paramount! If uncertain about any repair aspect, err on the side of caution and consult a professional.


Maintaining the proper alignment of your garage door is essential for its functionality and longevity. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can address common issues that may cause your garage door to go off track. Remember to prioritize safety and, when in doubt, seek professional assistance to ensure the integrity of your garage door system.


Can I fix a garage door off track without professional help?

While minor issues can be addressed independently, significant problems should be handled by a professional for safety reasons.

How often should I inspect my garage door for potential issues?

Regular inspections every six months are recommended to catch and address problems early.

What tools do I need for basic garage door repairs?

A few common tools include pliers, a wrench, and a ladder for reaching high areas.

Are garage door repairs covered by homeowner’s insurance?

It depends on the cause of the issue; consult your insurance provider for specific details.

Can a misaligned track cause further damage to the garage door?

Yes, prolonged use with a misaligned track may lead to additional damage; prompt repairs are advisable.


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