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2 Car Garage Remodel Ideas: Enhancing Functionality and Style

2 Car Garage Remodel Ideas Is your garage just a place to store vehicles and other items? With a little […]

2 Car Garage Remodel Ideas

Is your garage just a place to store vehicles and other items? With a little creativity and effort, you can turn it into a functional and stylish area that complements your home.

A garage makeover offers endless possibilities to increase storage space, improve overall appearance, and even reuse it for various activities.

In this article, we’ll provide 2 car garage remodel ideas that will help you maximize the potential of this often underutilized space.

2 Car Garage Remodel Ideas

Add Storage Space

add storage space garage

Storage is often a primary concern for homeowners when it comes to garages. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions available to maximize storage potential:

  • Cabinets: Installing cabinets provides an excellent way to store tools, equipment, and other items. They help keep your garage organized and clutter-free.
  • Shelves: Utilize wall space by adding shelves for storing boxes, bins, and containers. This enables efficient utilization of vertical space.
  • Overhead Racks: Overhead racks are perfect for storing bulky items such as seasonal decorations or rarely used equipment.
  • Slatwall Panels: Slatwall panels offer versatility, allowing you to hang baskets, hooks, and specialized storage accessories. They provide easy access and quick organization.

Refinish the Floor

refinish the floor garage car

Revamping your garage floor can significantly enhance its appearance and functionality. Consider these flooring options:

  • Concrete: Concrete floors are durable and easy to clean. They can be stained or stamped to add a touch of elegance to your garage.
  • Epoxy: Epoxy coatings create a seamless, glossy finish that is resistant to stains, chemicals, and abrasion. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Tile: Interlocking floor tiles offer a versatile solution. They come in different materials, such as rubber or PVC, and can be easily installed or replaced.

Paint the Walls

paint the walls garage car

One of the simplest yet impactful ways to transform the look and feel of your garage is by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Painting the walls can instantly brighten up the space and create a clean, inviting atmosphere. Here are some tips to consider when painting your garage walls:

Choose the Right Paint: Opt for high-quality paint that is specifically designed for garage environments. Look for paints that are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to moisture and stains. Latex or acrylic-based paints are often recommended for their durability and ease of application.

Prepare the Surface: Before painting, make sure to properly prepare the walls. Remove any dirt, dust, or grease by scrubbing the walls with a mild detergent and water solution. Repair any cracks or holes using a suitable filler and sand down any rough areas to create a smooth surface.

Prime the Walls: Applying a primer before painting is essential, especially if your walls are unpainted or have stains. A primer helps the paint adhere better to the surface, ensures uniform color coverage, and can even help prevent future peeling or flaking.

Choose the Right Color: When selecting a color for your garage walls, consider the overall aesthetic of your home and personal preferences. Lighter colors, such as whites, off-whites, or light grays, can make the space feel more open and spacious. If you want a bolder look, you can opt for vibrant colors that reflect your style.

Apply the Paint: Start by cutting in the edges of the walls with a brush and then use a roller to paint the larger areas. Apply multiple coats if necessary, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next one. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding drying times and recoat intervals.

Consider Adding a Finish: Once the paint has dried, you may consider adding a finish to protect the walls and enhance their appearance. A clear topcoat or sealer can provide an extra layer of protection against stains, scratches, and moisture.

Protect the Floor and Fixtures: Before painting, cover the floor with a drop cloth or plastic sheeting to prevent paint splatters or spills. Also, remove or cover any fixtures, such as light switches or outlets, to avoid getting paint on them.

Clean Up: After you’ve finished painting, clean your brushes, rollers, and any other painting tools promptly. Dispose of any leftover paint or empty paint cans according to local regulations.

Upgrade the Lighting

upgrade the lighting garage car

Proper lighting is crucial for any garage, especially if you plan to use it as a workshop or workspace. Consider these lighting options:

  • Overhead Lights: Install bright overhead lights to ensure sufficient illumination throughout the space. LED lights are energy-efficient and provide excellent visibility.
  • Under-Cabinet Lights: Under-cabinet lights are ideal for illuminating specific areas, such as workbenches or tool cabinets.
  • Motion-Sensor Lights: Motion-sensor lights offer convenience and energy savings. They automatically turn on when someone enters the garage and turn off when no motion is detected.

Add a Workbench

add a workbench garage car

For DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists, a workbench is a must-have addition to any garage. You can either purchase a pre-made workbench or build your own to suit your specific needs.

A workbench provides a dedicated space for various projects, allowing you to work comfortably and efficiently.

Create a Dedicated Space for Your Hobbies

If you have a hobby that requires ample space, such as woodworking or car repair, consider allocating a specific area within your garage.

This can be accomplished by installing cabinets, shelves, or a dedicated workbench tailored to your hobby’s requirements. Having a designated space will enhance your productivity and organization.

Turn Your Garage into a Living Space

turn your garage into a living space

If you have surplus space in your two-car garage, you can convert it into a functional living area. This can be an excellent solution for those seeking additional recreational or entertainment space. Consider the following ideas:

  • Seating Area: Add comfortable seating, such as a couch or chairs, to create a cozy gathering spot for family and friends.
  • Entertainment Center: Install a TV, game console, or even a small home theater system to provide entertainment options.
  • Multi-Purpose Space: Designate areas for different activities, such as a gaming zone, a small gym, or a home office.

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a 2-Car Garage?

The cost of remodeling a 2-car garage can vary depending on the scope of the project, the materials you choose, and the labor costs in your area. You can expect to pay anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 for a full remodel.

Here is a breakdown of some of the costs you can expect to incur:

  • Storage: Adding storage space is one of the most popular garage remodel projects. Cabinets, shelves, and overhead racks are all popular options, and the cost will vary depending on the size and materials you choose.
  • Flooring: Refinishing the garage floor is another common project. Concrete, epoxy, and tile are all popular flooring options, and the cost will vary depending on the materials you choose and the type of installation.
  • Lighting: Upgrading garage lighting is important for safety and functionality. Overhead lights, under-cabinet lights, and motion-sensor lights are all good options, and the cost will vary depending on the type of lighting you choose.
  • Painting: Painting the walls is a relatively inexpensive way to update the look of your garage. However, you may also want to consider adding insulation or drywall, which will increase the cost.
  • Other: Other costs to consider include permits, demolition, and disposal.

If you are on a tight budget, you can still remodel your garage by focusing on the most important areas. For example, you could add some basic storage space and upgrade the lighting.

If you have more money to spend, you could also add a workbench, create a dedicated space for your hobbies, or even turn the garage into a living space.

Project Cost Range
Storage $1,000 – $5,000
Flooring $1,000 – $4,000
Lighting $500 – $1,500
Painting $500 – $1,000
Other $500 – $1,000
Total $7,000 – $15,000


Transforming your two-car garage into a more functional and appealing space can greatly enhance your home’s overall value and your daily life.

By incorporating the aforementioned ideas, such as adding storage space, refinishing the floor, upgrading the lighting, painting the walls, adding a workbench, creating a dedicated space for hobbies, or even turning it into a living space, you can optimize the potential of your garage.

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