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Thank you for considering contributing to Garages ideas, where we’re dedicated to offering expert guidance on everything related to garage design, organization, remodels, and upgrades. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or an industry professional, we invite you to share your insights on topics such as:

Write for Us About Garage

1. Reviews That Matter

Delve into detailed reviews of products or services that can revolutionize the garage experience.

2. Showcasing Your Garage

Share the pride in your garage setup, providing inspiration to our readers seeking aesthetic and functional ideas.

3. Decoding Garage Layout & Design

Explore the art of optimizing space, ensuring your garage is not just a storage area but a well-designed part of your home.

4. Organizational Hacks

Offer practical tips for decluttering and maintaining an organized garage space, making day-to-day activities a breeze.

5. Flooring Excellence

Dive into the world of garage flooring, discussing the latest trends, materials, and innovative solutions.

6. Smart Storage Solutions

Guide our readers on innovative and efficient storage solutions, maximizing every inch of their garage.

7. Illuminating Garage Spaces

Highlight the importance of effective garage lighting, transforming it into a well-lit and functional area.

8. Workshop Wonders

Inspire with creative workshop ideas, turning the garage into a versatile space for DIY projects and hobbies.

9. Garage Conversion Magic

Explore the possibilities of converting garages into additional living spaces, home offices, or gyms.

10. Seasonal Garage Topics

Provide insights into seasonal considerations for maintaining and organizing your garage throughout the year.

11. Optimal Car Garage Layout & Design

Discover the art of crafting a garage layout that not only accommodates your vehicles but also elevates the overall appeal of your car haven.

Our guidelines

Before contacting us, please read our guidelines:

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for skilled bloggers and industry professionals who have a passion for our topics. While we appreciate DIY projects, our focus is on informative articles rather than hands-on projects.

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Your content must be original and exclusive to Garages ideas. Once approved, we obtain copyright, and the content becomes our sole property.

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Integrate up to one link in the body of your article and at least one link under ‘References and Useful Resources’ at the end.

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Include a short biography of up to 60 words and 4 FAQs with short answers. This FAQ will direct readers to your main article for more information.

Submission Details

To submit a guest post, email us at garagesideas@gmail.com with an introduction, company details, and 3+ title suggestions. Use ‘WE AGREE‘ in the subject line to indicate you’ve followed our guidelines.

We look forward to receiving your outstanding content and showcasing it on Garags Ideas. Transform garages, transform lives!

Here’s a summary of the submission guidelines:

Content Quality:

  • Articles must meet quality standards set by the content team.
  • Editors may reject submissions or make minor edits.
  • Articles must be 1300+ words and offer valuable content to readers.


  • Link is active for one year, we use a contract system with relevant prices.
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  • Links to dating sites, SEO agencies, credit-related sites, etc. are not allowed.


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Image Usage:

  • Use images without violating copyright.
  • Give credit when necessary.

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  • Use Grammarly to check grammar and spelling.
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Contact them at the provided email address to submit your content: garagesideas@gmail.com